Monitor Energy and Technical Installations

High Quality and Flexibility made Cost Efficient

By enabling clamp-on metering with cloud computing, alarms, and easy integration with your existing software-solutions.

"We will optimize surveillance of your critical devices by retrofit them to the Internet of Things (IoT)" 




Integrates into your existing systems

Direct online integration to your existing systems through our OData standard API (Application Programming Interface).





Surveillance of technical installations

Generate automatic alarms from learning the pattern of your devices, and get an sms or e-mail in case of problems.

Useful for both planned maintenance, and to identify technical failure before it leads to production failure.



Energy metering at low cost and easy installation

The ReMoni meters will allow you to clamp meters onto the outside of existing cables and pipes without the risks and costs of breaking into them.




Remote monitoring at your hand

The online ReMoni cloud solution allows you to get alarms, warnings and overview on the fly 




Energy management using granular data

The cost efficient ReMoni meters allows you to get the data you need for cost efficient energy management and commissioning.





We want to deliver high quality at low cost

The novelty is that we deliver data for energy metering and surveillance of technical units using clamp-on meters and sensors.


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